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Don’t let them out: 15 ways to keep your indoor cat happy

Cats have recently been on the tail-end of bad press, with recent research finding roaming pet cats kill 390 million animals per year in Australia. Most of them are native species. To protect our native wildlife, who never evolved with such an efficient predator, it’s imperative we keep our cats contained – all day, every day. Read …

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Weather outlook July-September

July to September is likely to be wetter than average for most of Australia, except western Tasmania and parts of the far north, which are likely to be drier than average. For northern Australia it is now the dry season, which means rainfall totals are typically very low. The month of July is likely to …

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Winter rainfall outlook

The Bureau of Meteorology released its 2020 Winter Outlook, with most of the country showing an increased likelihood of wetter than average conditions in the coming three months. The Bureau’s Manager of Long-range Forecasts, Dr Andrew Watkins, said there were only a few areas across the country that weren’t looking at a wetter than average …

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Local birds

Thanks to the Canberra Ornithologists Group, we have this great poster of local birds and tips on how to encourage more of them. How many do you recognise? Do you regularly see more not shown?

Weeds Awareness: Capeweed

Weeds Awareness: Capeweed (Arctotheca calendula) Capeweed is a low growing annual winter weed. It has deeply lobed green leaves and distinctive yellow daisy-like flowers. Capeweed is a prolific seeding plant and dominates paddocks throughout competing and smothering beneficial grasses and plants at the seedling stage. Capeweed can be poisonous to stock if digested in high …

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