Weather outlook July-September

July to September is likely to be wetter than average for most of Australia, except western Tasmania and parts of the far north, which are likely to be drier than average. For northern Australia it is now the dry season, which means rainfall totals are typically very low.

The month of July is likely to be wetter than average across much of mainland southern Australia following a likely drier than average period through June. However, the July outlook does suggest that some parts of the southeast and southwest of the country have equal chances of a wetter or drier than average month.

July to September days are very likely to be warmer than average across most of Australia, except for SA, eastern WA, southwest NSW and northwestern Victoria, which have roughly equal chances of warmer or cooler winter days.

July to September nights are very likely to be warmer than average almost nationwide.

To Australia’s east, the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean is likely to cool over the winter months, establishing a La Niña-like pattern, while warmer than average waters are likely in the eastern Indian Ocean. In the shorter-term, higher pressure is likely to continue to dominate much of Australia during the second half of June.

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