Cuts to local ABC and media

The cuts to the ABC are deeply concerning, affecting their independent news reporting as well as programming, particularly children’s programming. ABC Canberra is to lose two to three positions.

The ABC will cut 250 jobs – including at least two in Canberra – to help make up an $84 million budget shortfall.

Hundreds of media jobs have been lost in recent months, and hundreds of regional newspapers run by News Corp and Australian Community Media have been furloughed or closed permanently in recent months – including the Yass Tribune.

We hear the term ‘fake news’ all too often these days. It’s usually applied when a government or politician does not like the coverage they’re receiving. Strangely, if a media outlet shows strong bias by mis-reporting or ignoring facts this is acceptable – providing it doesn’t upset the government position.

We need a strong, truly independent media to report the news without bias, and do the hard yard investigating councils and governments. In rural and regional areas this is just as important.

The Yass Courier will continue to build our local presence in the coming months. We won’t ‘rush to print’, we’ll slowly grow to be your truly independent, strong, valuable news service in the region.

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